After Irma & Maria: Traveling to the Virgin Islands post-Category 5 hurricanes.

Thinking about traveling to the Caribbean in 2018? It’s best to keep these tips in mind.


St. Thomas. It’s springtime in the Virgin Islands, one of the most beautiful times of the year throughout the Caribbean. Ocean and air temperatures have cooled, Spring Breakers are in town and humpback whales (on their annual migration) are back splashing in our waters.

On first glance, it’s almost tempting to forget that just six months ago, the Virgin Islands were hit by two consecutive category-5 hurricanes in two weeks — as hard-hit as any place in the country.

It is truly a unique time in our islands history.

That’s why it is so important for all travelers visiting the Virgin Islands (whether for the 1st time or the 100th) since the hurricanes to understand exactly what they’re getting into. The truth is — we’re ready to welcome you back, but, the situation requires that you need to come with an open mind.

Here are 3 recomendations:

Check directly with resorts to get accurate up-to-date information

When booking any accommodation post-storm, be sure to reach out directly in order to get the most accurate up-to-date information. Some resorts are now starting to open up to tourism, including Bolongo Bay, and third party websites likely don’t have the latest property updates on their site.

To directly get in touch with us at Bolongo Beach Resort, you can: call us at 340–775–1800; email; send us a Facebook Message!

Be gracious and kind with everyone you meet

After the storms, everyone in the Virgin Islands has a story. You didn’t have to lose your entire home (although many did) to have your life changed, or your job affected, by these storms. Remember that when you visit our islands.

Like always, but especially now, be compassionate, patient and kind. Seek out genuine interactions and remind yourself what happened here just 6 months ago. That compassion will bloom and your authenticity will go a long way.

Travel with an open mind

While many bars, restaurants and excursions are open again, many are not. After two record-breaking hurricanes in two weeks, the islands are grateful for everything we have, and we’re motivated to rebuild what was lost.

Your presence will help us rebuild. Still, we need you to travel here with an open mind.

If you’ve been to the Virgin Islands before or were planning your first trip, you’ll notice things that changed, places that haven’t reopened, or photos you saw on the internet that look different now. As long as you travel with an open mind, you’re guarenteed to see all the beauty that’s already here.

Hope to see you here this summer!

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