The U.S. Virgin Islands Are Closing to Leisure Travel; Bolongo Bay Reopening October 1st.

– The Governor of the US Virgin Islands has implemented new travel restrictions banning travel to the USVI
– Effective 8/19, Hotels, Timeshares, Airbnb and Guest Houses are prohibited from checking in new guests.
– Bolongo Bay Beach Resort will close August 25, when last guests check-out, and reopen on October 1st.

Effective immediately:

Due to New Travel Restrictions issued banning leisure travel in the US Virgin Islands, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort will have to close for a little more than a month and will reopen again on October 1st. Per the Governor of the US Virgin Islands, various new travel restrictions have been implemented for residents and visitors starting on Wednesday, August 19th to help stop the spread of Covid19. The territory will be returning to a Stay-at-Home order for residents and restaurants and businesses will be closed or return to take-out only.

All Hotel, Timeshare, Airbnb and Guest House accommodations are prohibited to check-in any new guests for at least 30 days until September 19. This new ban on leisure travel is in response to a surge in positive cases of Covid19 in the territory.

As a result, we will suspend all Bolongo Bay Beach Resort operations, including Iggie’s Oasis Restaurant and the Heavenly Days Catamaran by Tuesday 8/25 – when the last of our already in-house guests will be departing.

Guests with existing reservations can check-in until and including the day of Tuesday, August 18th. Anyone checked in by that date will be able to enjoy their original length of stay, and will receive the goods and services on property that they’ve paid for, including all scheduled weddings and sails.

The resort will reopen on Thursday, October 1st.

We’re confident that we did everything possible to keep our guests and staff safe. As of this day, we haven’t had a single incident involving health – and that’s due to the serious efforts our staff took to maintain and promote cleanliness and proper sanitation. As always, our sincere gratitude goes out to all of our guests who were kind, cooperative, and very supportive of our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy. The worst part of this is, again, the negative impact it has on our fantastic co-workers, who performed mightily during the time since Bolongo Bay reopened. We very much look forward to seeing them all as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continued support,
Bolongo Bay Beach Resort