Winter in the Islands: Caribbean Songs and Tasty Recipes!

Aerial of Bolongo Bay Pool

It’s winter, even in the Islands! While we’ve heard rumors it’s starting to snow up north, that’s not the case in the U.S. Virgin Islands! Here, winter is one of the most beautiful times of year. That means warm, sunny days, delicious locally-inspired recipes, Caribbean-themed holiday songs, and New Year travel deals!

Holiday Playlist

Looking for some fun, Caribbean-themed Holiday Songs? Well, it’s your lucky day! Here are some classic local favorites:

“Mama! Bake Your Johnny Cake!”

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One of our most beloved holiday songs is called “Mama, Bake Your Johnny Cake,” by Virgin Islands band, The Ten Sleepless Nights. If you visit during the holiday’s, you will likely hear this song playing at the beach or on the radio. The song is a reference to a favorite local food, the Johnny Cake! The Ten Sleepless Knights recently recorded a Virtual Christmas Show on Facebook – to watch, click here!

“How Will Santa Get Here?”

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Be sure to listen to the lyrics by King Obstinate! A favorite holiday song of children and adults alike, this classic Caribbean Christmas song is sure to make you smile imagining Santa in the tropics, with lyrics like: “there are no reindeer in my country; He’ll have to borrow, my neighbor’s donkey!”

“Feliz Navidad”

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“I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart!” One of the most famous bi-lingual songs to make us sing in “Spanglish,” this classic song was always on the radio or sang in school concerts during holidays in the Caribbean. Made famous by Puerto Rican, Jose Feliciano, this song is sure to put you in a cheerful holiday mood! Hear a recent interview on NPR with Jose Feliciano, where he discusses the song’s legacy.

 “Natty Christmas”

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Jacob Miller might be the most influential reggae artist you haven’t heard of. First released in the 80’s, this smooth, enjoyable Christmas album is one of the most popular and well-played albums in the Caribbean to this day, and you can tell why when you listen! With melodies you can enjoy any time of year, you might find yourself listening to this album even when it’s not Christmas! You can enjoy the whole album here.

Food Recipes

Johnny Cake: Delicious Island Snack!

Everyone’s favorite golden-fried dough snack! Cut it open and put ham and cheese on it, or just eat it plain! One of the most beloved and common treats in the Virgin Islands is the delicious Johnny Cake. While we enjoy it year round, the holiday season begets a lot of cooking, and Johnny Cakes are sure to be on the menu. Want a delicious recipe for the Johnny Cake? Here is one from blog site, Food52:

Coquito: A Caribbean Christmas Drink!

Leave the Eggnog at home. In the Virgin Islands, one of our holiday drinks of choice is COQUITO! Originating in Puerto Rico, Coquito has found a home in the Virgin Islands, as well, with people making their own versions of the coconut-based alcoholic beverage.
Make sure you get your hands on some if you’re visiting during the holiday – and if you’re interested in making your own at home, here is a delicious recipe from Virgin Islands Food Tours!

Guavaberry Wine

Guavaberry Wine is traditional Christmas liqueur that is super popular in the Virgin Islands and some other Caribbean islands. This time of year, a common sighting in the Virgin Islands is of local vendors in town or on the side of the road selling their delicious homemade concoctions. For those interested, here is a recipe!

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