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One USVI resort, two generations and lots of extended family

Joyce and Dick Doumeng

Katarina and Richmond Doumeng

Colleen and Paul Doumeng

Scott and Iselah Nieboer



Bolongo Bay welcomes each guest – new and returning – like family. It’s been that way since Dick and Joyce Doumeng became the owners in 1974. And it’s still that way today.

We’re a little bit bigger from the 36 rooms we started with, and our USVI resort is now in its second generation of management with the third generation in training.

But, we’re still a “family” that loves welcoming guests to our “home.” In fact many of our long-time staff members, including three original – the smiling faces you’ve come to know and love throughout the years – are still here. We all look forward to welcoming you!

Meet the Doumeng Family

“Used to be the Bosses” Dick Doumeng passed away Nov 19, 2012 Dick & Joyce Doumeng
Managing Director “The Big Boss” Richard Doumeng
General Manager “The Real Boss” Paul Doumeng
Sales, Marketing & Internet “Lets Richard and Paul think they are the Bosses” Katarina Doumeng
Advertising & Public Relations “Thinks we have too many Bosses” Colleen Doumeng
Operations Manager “Could care less who the Boss is” Cousin Scott Nieboer
Rooms Division Manager “Wants to start a Rent-a-Boss program” Iselah Nieboer
Leisure Sales Manager in the States “Our traveling Boss” Laura Doumeng
Assistant Sales Manager, weddings & events "Tries to boss everyone around" Danielle Doumeng
Sailing instructor when he is home on breaks from University of Miami Mikael Doumeng
Hostess at Iggies when she is home on breaks from Stanford University Nicole Doumeng
Spends his summer breaks helping on the beach Jonathan Doumeng
Next generation of Nieboer’s are still too young to claim their turf, they just run around and kick up sand Destiny, Dmitri, Samantha, Malakai

Some of our extended family

Resident Managers “They live on property and are here to help with any-ting”

Lorena & John Leonard
Romance Director & Events Manager Lorena Leonard
Vacation Director “Fun, tours & retail is their ting” Vernita Joseph Laura McMurry
Heavenly Days Captain “Heavenly Days is his ting” Peter Baker
HR “Keeps track of employee tings” Amanda Mingard & Viola Van Sluytman
Front Desk “They take care of your bills & tings” Yolanda Imran, Joann, Carmen
Guest Services “Welcome drinks, taxis & tings” Kyle, Shawn, Josh
See Dem On Da Beach for "Fun tings, water sports and the snorkel booze hunt" Byron, Sergio, Nolan, Zac
Resort & Banquet Chefs “Book a party and they will take care of all food tings” Rawle Crump, John Melendez, August Didier, Dennis McCall
Lobster Grille Chef “Breakfast & Lunch is her ting” Emilia Greenaway
Restaurant Managers “In charge of Lobster Grille tings” Arthur Christopher, Kevin Vincent
Restaurant Managers “Iggies food, drinks, music & tings” Mike Fortier, Trisha Tracey
Lobster Grille “Legend” “Mommy takes care of everyone & every-ting” Viola Albert
Bartenders “Bushwackers, Voodoo Juice & frozen concoctions is their ting” Alex, Lawson “007, Steve, Chris, Mike, Harry Josh, Rachel, Brent, Charlie, Jordan
Reservations “Getting you here is her ting” Daniella Ali
F & B Purchasing Manager "Makes sure we have food & tings" Ron Nocella
Purchasing & Special Projects Mgr “He buys and builds tings” Gene Lancaster
Accounting Manager “It’s a money ting” Nancy Galvin
Head Landscaping “On his magic tractor, he’s a very special ting” Leslie Phipps
Senior Housekeeper “Makes sure your room has every-ting you need” Bernadine Joseph
Senior Housekeepers “Clean rooms are her ting” Silvia Green
Laundry Supervisor “She is in charge of linen and tings” Cavelle Colaire
National Sales Manager in the States "Our man on the road, at trade shows & tings" Paul Graber

5-9 years

10-19 years

above 20 years







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