Is Bolongo Bay an all-inclusive resort?

Yes! Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is the original all-inclusive property in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the only all-inclusive destination in St. Thomas. Unlike large corporate all-inclusive chain resorts that many people are used to, Bolongo is a smaller, more intimate and laid back all-inclusive experience. We have one open-air restaurant that serves meals a la carte, and all drinks are included as well.

Is Bolongo Bay an adults-only resort?

Bolongo is not an adults-only resort. However, during many parts of the year (like when school is back in session) we will not have any children here. Bolongo Bay is intimate, laid back and relaxing in many of the same ways of an adults-only, but we do not want to mislead any guests seeking a specifically adults-only retreat.

How far is Bolongo Bay Beach Resort from the airport?

Our airport is called Cyril E. King Airport with code STT. It’s 7 miles and around 15/20 minutes from the airport to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. The airport is located on the western side of St. Thomas, and Bolongo is a small neighborhood on the southern coastline. Since you have to drive through Charlotte Amalie Harbor to get to Bolongo, days with many cruise ships in will make your ride a little longer. Sit back and enjoy the views!

How many restaurants does Bolongo Bay have?

We have one restaurant, Iggies’ Oasis Restaurant, with open-air seating, two gazebos and a pool bar. Iggies’ Oasis serves delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our world-famous beach bar, Iggies Beach Bar, is in the process of being rebuilt. In the meantime, we’ve been keeping the spirit of Iggies alive at our poolside location.

Are all non-motorized watersports free to use for guests?

Yes! All non-motorized watersports are included for guests at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. This includes access to snorkeling gear, kayaks and paddle boards. If you know how to sail or windsurf, we have those available to sign up for. We also offer weekly slots for lessons or guided sails. As well, you will have access to beach towels, float mats, hammocks, and beach lounge chairs.

What is your smoking policy? Are your rooms smoke-free?

All rooms are smoke-free at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, as are the public areas, including the Heavenly Days Catamaran and the beach. Designated areas for smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes

What is the weather like in St. Thomas?

Weather in St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands is nearly perfect, sunny year-round, with an average temperature of 82 degrees. During the hot summertime, our famous trade winds and a shady tree are the best ways to stay cool. Water temperature is usually in the high 70s to low 80s. It gets cooler the farther out you go, making the Virgin Islands a favorite place of avid scuba divers.

Where are the best restaurants in St. Thomas to eat?

We offer exceptional dining and drinking options at Bolongo Bay. Just down the beach at Bolongo, you will find Mim’s Seafood Bistro, which is an island favorite. Frenchtown is a neighborhood in Charlotte Amalie with exceptional dining options, including places like French Quarter Bistro and Oceana. Red Hook is where you’ll find some good dining, as well as a healthy amount of nightlife. Don’t forget, you can always take the ferry to St. John for happy hour or dinner. Just make sure you make the last ferry home (usually 10pm)!

Where are the best off-property beaches?

Some popular beaches you can visit in St. Thomas include Brewer’s Bay on the west end by the University of the Virgin Islands. This is the beach you’ll see when your airplane is landing in St. Thomas. On the east end of St. Thomas, you will find popular beaches like Lindqvist beach, Sapphire, and Coki Beach, home of Coral World Ocean Park. Of course, don’t forget the world-famous Magens Bay on the northside. The northside has many other amazing beaches, such as Hull Bay and Neltjeberg, but you will need a vehicle to get to them.

Do you have a fitness center?

We have a simple workout fitness center with cardio equipment and free weights.

Do you have a pool?

Yes! We have a fantastic oceanfront swimming pool open from guests. As well, we have one of the island’s original pool bars.

Sailing FAQs

Do I need to know how to swim to go sailing on Heavenly Days Catamaran?

No! You don’t need to know how to swim to join us on an amazing sailing trip aboard Heavenly Days Catamaran. We have Personal Flotation Devices for use while swimming and on board and our boat and staff is Coast Guard Certified to keep you safe.

Do i need a passport to go sailing?

No, you do not need a passport to go sailing with us. We sail to Buck Island and Water Island, all of which are islands or cays within the St. Thomas/St. John district.

Do you sail to the British Virgin Islands?

Heavenly Days Catamaran does not offer any day sails to the British Virgin Islands. That would be a long sailboat ride. Our Tour Guide Desk can, however, help you plan an epic day trip on the water to the British Virgin Islands. Just ask us!

Traveling to St. Thomas


US Citizens do not need passports to enter the U.S. Virgin Islands. The United States Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States so citizens can visit St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix with a valid state-issued license.


Arriving to our hotel on beautiful St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is easy and convenient, thanks to many direct flights available.

Do you offer an airport shuttle to hotel?

While we are not allowed to have an airport shuttle service, we are a quick and easy taxi ride away from the airport.


Taxi’s are available outside the airport and will take you to Bolongo Bay. To arrive here, you can take a taxi or rent a car – just remember that we drive on the left! A taxi from the Cyril E. King International Airport (STT) to Bolongo Bay Beach Resort typically costs $18 for a single person, and $14 per person for two or more people. Please note there is also a charge of $3 to $5 for suitcases, depending on size. They only accept Cash Payments. The airport taxis are multi-destination vans, which means you will share the ride with other visitors who may be going to different destinations on the island.


Yes, we have very friendly taxis available at the resort. They offer adventurous island tours, as will as the ability to take you anywhere you need. You’ll likely leave St. Thomas with at least one new Taxi Driver feeling like a friend. 


From the airport, turn right onto the main road, Route 30 East. Stay on this road through downtown Charlotte Amalie, driving alongside the waterfront, past Havensight, one of our cruise ship docks and shopping center. Another mile or so down the road, you will go down our famous “Donkey Hill.” Just a short distance after, you will see signs for Iggies Beach Bar on your right. Keep driving along the white wall and you will see the entrance for Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.