10 Ways to ‘Bite the Dog that Bit You’ – Bolongo Bay’s Top 10 List of Hangover Cure Cocktails

Have you ever woken up and wished you knew what could help get rid of that horrible Hangover? Here are the top 10 Ways to ‘Bite the Dog that Bit You’.

Bolongo Bay’s Top 10 List of Hangover Cure Cocktails

Cruzan Strawberry Lemonade
Cruzan Strawberry Lemonade

10. Cruzan Strawberry Lemonade – A little sweet, a little sour, and a lot refreshing on a bright sunny morning, this Bolongo Bay favorite is sure to be that extra sigh of relief for your mind and your stomach.


9. Bloody Maria – Not to be confused with a Bloody Mary, the Bloody Maria uses Tequila instead of vodka, giving it that extra kick you might need to bounce back


8. Sunburst – Bolongo’s twist on the classic tequila sunrise, served blended and with a twist of mango. Let the brain freeze fight the hangover for you.


7. Hard apple cider – If the mere thought of alcohol is making you cringe and giving you flashbacks of falling out of the hammock, try an adult apple juice. Angry Orchard hard cider is a refreshing and delicious way to start your day.


6. Cherry Bomb – If it is not just the hair of the dog that you’re looking for and are also in search of some caffeine for that extra kick, try a cherry bomb. Our Cruzan black cherry rum with some Red Bull served on the rocks is a definitely way to boost your vacation vitals.


5. Bolongo Bay Breeze – A coconut Cruzan rum concoction that is a must have while unwinding at our swim up pool bar.

VooDoo Juice
VooDoo Juice


4. VooDoo Juice – When feeling under the weather after one too many root beers the night before, sometimes you want to be sipping on that perfect cocktail while just staying put in your lounge chair. No need to get up and return to the bar for seconds with this Iggies Beach Bar favorite. Our VooDoo Juice is a delicious combination of various Cruzan flavored rum and cold Caribbean juices, served in a 24oz. souvenir bucket!


3. The Breakfast Shot – If you’re not quite ready for a full on cocktail, maybe a quick shot is something better to take the edge off. If you’ve never had a breakfast shot get ready to be mind blown. A mix of Jameson, butterscotch schnapps and orange juice taken as a shot immediately followed by eating a piece of bacon! Yes, we are chasing our liquor with bacon, and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.


2. Hibiscus – Most of us are familiar with the classic brunch cocktail the ‘mimosa’. However, when it comes to trying to kick that uneasy feeling in your stomach the acidity of the orange juice isn’t always your best friend. When fighting a heavy hangover, Bolongo’s expert mixologists suggest a Hibiscus instead, replacing the orange juice with cranberry, for a lighter and easy way to revive yourself.


1. Painkiller – Need we say more? This classic Caribbean cocktail is a no brainer for ridding whatever may be ailing you, to get into ultimate vacation mode at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort!